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Although modern science has silenced the vampire fears of the past, people who call themselves vampires do exist. Communities of self-identified vampires can be found on the Internet and in cities and towns around the world. Vampires became mainstream after Dracula was published. Given the fascination people have with all things horror, vampires—real or imagined—are likely to continue to inhabit the earth for years to come.

Shri Bhagavatananda Guru. A Natural History of Vampires.

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Scientific American. Elizabeth Miller. Where Do Vampires Come From? National Geographic. The real-life diseases that spread the vampire myth. BBC Future. Born to the Purple: the Story of Porphyria. But if you see something that doesn't look right, click here to contact us! Subscribe for fascinating stories connecting the past to the present.

A mummy is a person or animal whose body has been dried or otherwise preserved after death. When people think of a mummy, they often envision the early Hollywood-era versions of human forms wrapped in layers upon layers of bandages, arms outstretched as they slowly shuffle Witches were perceived as evil beings by early Christians in Europe, inspiring the iconic Halloween figure.

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Images of witches have appeared in various forms throughout history—from evil, wart-nosed women huddling over a cauldron of boiling liquid to hag-faced, cackling beings The werewolf is a mythological animal and the subject of many stories throughout the world—and more than a few nightmares. Werewolves are, according to some legends, people who morph into vicious, powerful wolves. Others are a mutant combination of human and wolf. But all are The zombie, often portrayed as an undead, flesh-eating, decaying corpse, has enjoyed a popularity surge in recent years.

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The Devil, also referred to as Satan, is best known as the nemesis of good people everywhere. See author's posts. Love the family tree Bonnie.

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