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He deleted Snapchat bc he realized it was a waste of time. He grew up. I feel like OneLife solidified all we prayed for and tried to ingrain in him his whole life. So suffice it to say—consider this program. I can honestly say after his experience at OneLife we can see incredible growth in him in so many ways.

For my Cru friends, it reminded me of the best of summer mission summer project and STINT combined for entering freshman. SaraLane is even planning on going now too And to answer that question… Yes! There is an Open House on October 5th! OneLife is meant to fixate students on the only reason to live. Clayton Lancaster is one of many testimonies of the work that the Holy Spirit has done here at OneLife and is continuing to do through the lives of the students.


This is Clayton Lancaster at the start of his project flip on a house this past summer after OneLife. He sold the house on September 27th Today! Welcome to our first Pinebrook blog! We received our committee assignments on Tuesday. So without further ado, the first ever Pinebrook media committee is; Bryce, Abi, and Izzie me. We hope you enjoy this sneak peek into what our community is like. Identity, community, vulnerability, calling; all of these are important words in general.


However, as a OneLife Pinebrook student they have already begun to mean so much more to me. We also got to do a scavenger hunt in downtown Stroudsburg that really pushed me out of my comfort zone, but was also a blast! I think the highlight of my week would have to be our time of worship that we had around the campfire on Monday night. Although the bugs were eating us alive, it was a marvelous time to gather as a community and worship God.

Throughout this week, we have been sharing our stories with each other. While sharing our stories with each other has been difficult for many of us, I have also noticed how it is bringing all of closer together. The group is connecting so well and when I came here I was looking for a Christian community to be a part of.

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After orientation this week I have felt I felt a lot more security about knowing what the year is gonna look like. I originally was like who are these people but then I realized it was a gathering of weirdos like me so it has been a lot of fun! The work at Pinebrook caught me a little off guard but it has been good overall.

Not having a phone has made a huge difference. It is basically only 32 hours without electronics ,but it means we can be in life more presently rather than passively. Somehow we had lots of adventures, exploring, camping, hiking, rafting, cliff jumping, climbing, learning in class, and playing just about every sport that exists, and much more, all in two weeks. If you had asked me last August to make a list of what I was excited for about OneLife, the trek would not have been close to the top.

I came into this year absolutely dreading the backpacking trip. I was intrigued by the trip to the Navajo Nations, pumped for the Philly Project, ecstatic for Israel, and entirely NOT any of those things for the trek. I put a mental block up and focused all of my excitement on Israel-which worked until the trip was over.

Then my plan failed.


The next big trip was exactly what I was avoiding. The trek.


I was diagnosed with exercise induced asthma right before we left on our trip to the Navajo Nation, and learning how to manage it well has been a frustrating battle all year for me. With the new diagnosis came new fears. I already live with dyspraxia.

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Slipping, tripping, and running into random things are just a part of life for me. I knew going into the trek that I was taking my physical challenges with me. The last thing I wanted to be was a burden With the trek approaching, anxiety set in.


Questions arose inside of me. Why am I doing this? Can I do this? God, what am I doing? Two days before we left, I, the graceful person that I am, walked out of my apartment, tripped over air, and twisted my ankle.


I envisioned all the possible ways this trip could go wrong. The dyspraxic asthmatic with the twisted ankle When we got to Three Springs and met our guides, I reluctantly gave mine, Paul, the rundown on medication and medical issues. He picked up on my anxiety and assured me things would be fine.

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The little sarcastic voice in my head must have been thrilled. You get to be up in the front so everyone can watch you struggle! I prayed to God to get me out of backpacking-multiple times. Fast forward to the trek. Two hours in, and I was already struggling as we climbed up what I thought was a mountain. I later came to realize it was a hill compared to some other mountains we climbed. What in the world am I doing?

The next day, we climbed our first mountain. Honestly, I hated it the entire time. But we made it. As we reached the top of the hill and all collapsed dramatically on top of our packs, Paul came over to me. We talked briefly about the view at the top, then he looked over at me.

I laughed and tried to shrug it off, but he made me repeat his words. I did that well. Once again, we got to the top and while we were taking a break, Paul made his way to the front to check in on me. And what did I tell you the last time you climbed a mountain? Amara, you can do this. Stop believing you are. You just climbed another mountain.