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I produced 5 Super ODs in this clutch. At the time, I suspected nothing and thought simply that she was just a really nice example of OD. Over the years I noticed that some of my Orange Dreams were significantly nicer than others. They were cleaner and more orange.

(PDF) Variety and Intensity of Emotions in Nightmares and Bad Dreams | Antonio Zadra -

Obviously, I held back a lot of the nicer ones and bred them. I would receive emails, texts, phone calls and face to face compliments from fellow herpers telling me that my ODs were so much nicer than some of the others they saw out there. This generated a lot of business for me as people clearly noticed that something was going on with my ODs long before I did.

At this point I simply attributed it to line breeding and since I originated the gene figured it was because I held back the best for myself. At the height of Andaka's struggle for Independence from England, Yuri is a young, idealistic student, blinded by the notion of belonging to a free country.

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With African rule, however, life changes for the worse. The Government, drunk with power, becomes repressive and corrupt, forcing an exodus of Asians and Europeans. A rebel movement emerges, sworn to overthrow the Government.

Guerilla attacks and assassinations aimed at destabilization become frequent and are met with even more brutal repressionOvernight, Yuri is drawn into a dark world of terror and violence. He becomes a killer, numb to the finality of death. Lincoln, Nebraska: July The dream is a contested space in terms of allegory and affect, the non-conscious intensity associated with feelings and emotions.

Yet most scholarship approaches the literary dream through representational interpretation, which not only overlooks the intensity of affect, but dampens it. The dreamer cannot interpret the dream while engrossed in dreaming. By taking into consideration the perspective of the dreamer, this thesis moves beyond the reflective lens of symbolic interpretation to explore the intensity of the dream in British literature of the long nineteenth century with the purpose of clarifying the role of affect.

The Ultimate Fighter 20: Tecia Torres Fueled by Intensity and a Dream

This thesis focuses on the Gothic dream with the caveat that this may serve as a point of departure for a future study expanded to include other literary dreams. Moreover, this research reveals remarkable commonalities with Deleuzian affect theory. Informed by these sources, this thesis analyzes Gothic literary dreams throughout the long nineteenth century, ultimately revealing that it is the struggle between the dialectics of waking reality and the non-rational, affective world of the dream that drives the Gothic novel of the long nineteenth century.