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This past spring he gave a brief talk describing the pope as a bridge between the theological left and right. July 3rd is the feast day of St. Father Paul English, C.

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In choir were Fathers Morgan Rice, C. Father Daniel White served as Master of Ceremonies. His visit began with the celebration of Mass for faculty, students and parents and concluded with a tour of the school. Three altar boys served at Mass while another two, clad in vimpas vimpae? At communion time the congregation received only the consecrated bread, which was distributed by ordained clergy. Near the end of Communion His Excellency led the congregation in kneeling if front of the open tabernacle while the choir members received the Body of Our Lord. After Mass the bishop posed for pictures and then headed for the school.

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He dropped in on several classrooms and was a hit in each one. In another class a student asked about his pectoral cross. He explained that a bishop wears one as a constant reminder that he needs to take up his cross daily if he is to be successful in leading the flock assigned to him.

He then went on to explain the provenance of his particular cross it originally belonged to the bishop who had confirmed him as a child and he is the third bishop to wear it and then told the children that it was very special in that it contained a relic of the True Cross.

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In each class the bishop ended his visit by reminding the children that their parents worked very hard and sacrificed much to send them to a Catholic school and he asked them to see if they could try very hard to be especially helpful to their parents that weekend as a sign of their gratitude. An article over at religionnews. In , there were , marriages in U. Catholic churches — a full 20 percent of all U.

By contrast, in , there were , such weddings — only 8 percent of all marriages. But in both years, Catholics were 23 percent of the national population. Catholic baptism rates fell at a parallel pace — from just more than 1 million baptisms in down to , baptisms in Entire article here.

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The folks over at ChurchMilitant. The remaining episodes will also air this week as Vortex shows. Several ChurchMilitant. TV personnel spent a good part of the last few months gathering historical data and discovering trends related to the Catholic Church in the United States. It comes as no surprise that most of these trends are negative. According to Michael Voris,. This level of research, its depth and its scope, about the life of the Church in the United States, has never been undertaken before.

We scoured the official records of the Catholic Church in America going all the way back to the late s. Why are they doing this? Voris again,. An authentic restoration of the faith can never happen as long as the reality of the crisis is not understood and admitted. From to there was about one Catholic infant baptism for every four births in the United States. This is how Catholicism remains a quarter of the population … But after the pattern begins to shift with several years of more births until the recession and fewer Catholic infant baptisms.

In , for the first time since , there were fewer than , Catholic infant baptisms in the United States. From through , however, the diocese averaged only 3, infant baptisms per year, which represents just The number of infant baptisms in any given year is a good indicator[3] of the size of the pool of potential Catholic kindergarteners 5 years later, the number of potential Catholic 1st graders 6 years later, etc. Thus it is possible to use infant baptism data to estimate the maximum number of Catholic children available to our Catholic elementary schools over time.

Here is what that estimate looks like compared with actual registration numbers[4] for the country as a whole ….

As the chart shows, the number of K-8 aged Catholic children peaked at 9. Here in DOR the peak in the number of K-8 aged Catholic children came in when it reached 63, and that number has been falling off the cliff ever since it will reach 28, in Furthermore, the number of Catholic children in our Catholic schools has been in decline since when it stood at approximately 14, In it was down to about 3, Catholic schools are but one of two formal means employed to educate our children in the faith, with the second being Religious Education RE programs referred to as CCD programs in many dioceses.

One may estimate the number of Catholic children receiving some kind of formal instruction by adding the enrollment data for Catholics in Catholic schools and that for RE programs. Furthermore, this sum, when compared with infant baptism data, can also provide an estimate of the number of Catholic K-8 aged children receiving no formal education in the faith[6].

As can be seen, there has been a slow but steady nationwide increase in both the number and percent of our Catholic children not involved in any formal program of instruction. While the DOR data is somewhat choppier, the overall trend is clear.

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In addition to infant baptismal counts the OCD data also includes totals for first communions and confirmations. The counts for these last two sacraments are mostly for children receiving them at the usual ages, but they do also include people receiving them later in life e.

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  • In other words, ignoring the numbers of first communions and confirmations made by converts should not lead to significant error. For the purposes of this analysis it will be assumed that those who were baptized as infants celebrated their first communions at age 6 and their confirmations at age With this in mind it becomes possible to estimate how many children born and baptized in any given year go on to receive their first communion and then continue on to be confirmed: All one needs to do is to offset the annual first communion and confirmation numbers on the chart by 6 and 13 years, respectively.

    When we do this for the national data we see the following …. As the chart shows, there is only a year period from to in which we have baptismal, first communion and confirmation data for the same groups of children. Nevertheless, it is interesting to note that, among the long list of possibilities he does mention, a decades-long failure of catechesis is nowhere to be found.

    Joseph F. Wilson of the Diocese of Brooklyn, however, is not so reticent. Over a decade ago he wrote ,. Forty years ago, we dismantled an extremely effective method of catechesis, the handing on of the Faith from generation to generation. We replaced it with coloring books, rap sessions, freethinking, freewheeling and finger painting, and that is NOT an exaggeration. At least two generations of Catholics have grown up almost entirely ignorant of Catholic doctrine, and securely in possession of a do-it-yourself morality.

    And a decade before that then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger proclaimed ,. With all due respect to Dr. For example, data for will be found in the edition of the OCD. Some of the reasons are: 1 The reported number of infants baptized will almost certainly include not only those less than one year of age but also slightly older children. It would be expected, however, that this loss would be essentially offset by the arrival in the diocese of families with similarly-aged children baptized elsewhere. Thus the chart shows only Catholic children.

    See chart here. A thorough search of the diocesan website , the Catholic Schools website , the Catholic Courier website and the Catholic Courier online archives has produced no such number for any year. However, there do exist online articles which indicate that, if anything, the percentage of non-Catholics in our schools is higher than the national average.

    See, for example, this excerpt from a article in the Courier Journal, when the nationwide non-Catholic enrollment was In Monroe County, the average Catholic elementary school serves 16 percent non-Catholics, according to the Urban School Study, which was conducted for the diocese by Taddiken, a consultant for the Center for Governmental Research. In the City of Rochester, however, the average school includes 31 percent non-Catholic students. And the percentage in some individual city schools is as high as 90 percent. And in , when the nationwide figure was Dwyer added that about 20 percent of the students in schools located in outer Rochester and the suburbs are non-Catholic.

    In schools outside Monroe County, 10 to 15 percent of the students are non-Catholic, he said, with a lower percentage, percent, particularly in rural areas. Doing this should, if anything, result in a slight over-estimate of the actual number of Catholic students in our local Catholic schools.

    Since they attend neither Catholic schools nor RE programs this analysis will necessarily include them in the formally uncatechized group. Locally, the St. Father Frederick Eisemann celebrated the 60th anniversary of his ordination to the priesthood at Holy Cross Church yesterday. Father Frederick Eisemann celebrates Mass in thanksgiving for 60 years in the priesthood. Concelebrating are l.

    Father Eisemann was raised in the Bulls Head area and was a member of Sts. Peter and Paul Church where he attended the parish school. According to the Catholic Courier ,. He later attended St. He was ordained by Bishop James E. Kearney on June 6, , at Sacred Heart Cathedral. Yes I am.

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