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One aspect of this movement includes education for safe sex — as early as kindergarten! Our nations, our children, and even the Church, are buying into soul-destroying lies that destroy relationships and lead to the slaughter of innumerable innocents, leaving behind a host of wounded and hopeless young women and men. A woman fighting post-abortion trauma, or a young person diagnosed with a STD will offer similar testimonies. Israel may be the Biblical Holy Land, but in actuality, Israel today is a microcosm of the world.

It has been estimated that, since the founding of the State, close to two million children have been killed via abortion. Sexual freedom has been at the heart of Israeli society since the founding of the Kibbutz movement.

The words of the prophet Jeremiah are as relevant today as they were to the Jewish people sent into exile. As stated above, A Future and A Hope is an Israeli registered non-profit organization established to speak hope to this generation by bringing truth into a lie-filled environment.

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Understanding the huge challenges facing a woman in a crisis pregnancy, A Future and A Hope serves as a bridge, enabling her to find the courage to nurture — beyond birth — the life she carries within. Beyond the first year, as the child grows we follow-up with each family, providing ongoing counsel, and meeting specific physical needs. The mother and child do not live in isolation.

There may be other family members involved, not to mention other children.


Hence, we seek to help the whole person and the whole family. From helping out with additional children, to house repairs or offering family or marriage counselling, we seek to give unborn children a future, bringing hope not just to them, but their entire family.

Say Yes to Hope!

To that end we prepare and print brochures relating to abortion, to sexually-transmitted diseases, and to abstinence. We have been invited to speak to children and young adults in Israeli schools from the fifth grade through to the university level. Seek me. Oh Lord, I will seek. This is possible through Jesus. So we pray right now.

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And I just want to encourage you to pray with me. God, we seek you. We praise you for the reality that right now we are being heard by you. Oh, just let that soak in. God, we praise you.

5. God promises to give purpose to our lives.

That you, the God of the universe, the creator of all, ruling and reigning over the whole world right now, you are listening to me, to us as we pray. We come to you, and you hear us. We pray to you, and you hear us. We seek you, and we find you when we seek you with all of our hearts. So, God, help us. Help us to seek you with all of our hearts. God, we want to know you more. We want to love you more. We want to obey you more.

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We want to honor you more. We want to glorify you more. God, may this be the constant cry of our hearts. We know, God, that you desire our good, good for us, our welfare, not evil, future and hope for us, and we praise you for that reality. How horrible would that be?

Oh, God, we praise you for the future and hope you have promised us that is available to us in Christ.